Gift for couples

Couples too can have an amazing getaway with RibbonsHub’s Gifts for Couples collection

Do you know a special couple who could do with some time together?

Perhaps one, or both, have been working too hard, or they’ve just come through a pretty rough period and a little time out together with an amazing experience would do them a world of good, or maybe they’ve been the best friends anyone could ask for. Whatever the reason,  RibbonsHub Experience Gifts for Couples could be the greatest gift they’ll ever receive.

Our thoughtful Experience gifts for couples with 3 – 6 months validity depending on the experience – is the perfect way to give every couple the gift of time together while indulging in an experience that’s sure to add meaningful stories to their lives.

Whether they like tours, relaxing moments and luxurious spa treatments, creative classes and gourmet dining, or adrenaline-pumping adventures our fun thrilled experience collection contains something for every couple to share.

So what exactly does RibbonsHub offer for couples? Here’s a small but representative sample of what the lucky couple might want to choose.

For adventurers, they might want choose two-nights trip at Obudu Mountain Resort, a day to Badagry, or power bike riding.

For creative lovers, they might want to choose a Live bonding ” Paint and Sip’ party, Pottery Making, or even a Life full body artwork.

Or if they prefer something a little more sedate, how about Relaxing Spa Treatment with a complimentary lunch, a Body rejuvenation spa treatment, Momentary photos experience with your special one, or maybe a phenomenal cuisine at a luxurious restaurant? The lucky couple gets to choose the one experience that suits them, and maybe even fits like a glove with future travel plans they may have made (ie. Honeymoon, anniversary, etc.).

Here’s how it works:

  • You go online to
  • You browse the gift experience you want
  • You purchase by just a click away.
  • Experience is delivered in 2 ways: 1) an e – voucher instantly sent via email 2) DHL nationwide delivery to any location of choice
  • You can redeem your experience at the time that suits you at no extra cost incurred, within 3 – 6 months, depending on experience.
  • They enjoy their experience and share the stories and memories for years to come

So what else is in the RibbonsHub’s Gifts for couples?

Ermmmm…. Lots and lots of things to be honest. But if you want specifics, try these:

  • Spa Hangout for two
  • A night away and dinner date
  • Bond and learn the dance of love, Enjoy Salsa
  • Manicure and Pedicure Spa Treatment
  • Facials and nail treatment

That’s a lot of amazing experiences, and there’s still lots more to choose from.

So instead of giving more and more irrelevant gifts to people, why not start giving experiences that will add real value to their lives. RibbonsHub lets you do just that.

That’s why our motto at RibbonsHub is, and always will be, ‘gift more thoughtfully’.

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