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Top best experience gift every mum really wants for her birthday

Finding a gift for mum that’s as unique as the women that will be receiving it needn’t be as hard as you’d think which is why a little creativity and a lateral thought process can, quite literally, go a long way.

Although every mum says that she doesn’t need anything too special it’s definitely nice to spoil her once in a while and if you can give the gift of experience to your old ma then just wait to see her face light up with joy as she finds out how much she really means to you.

Below are the experiences that every mum really wants for her birthday and if you can choose the gift that best suits the first lady in your house then there’s no guessing as to how far she’ll be able to spread her wings and fly.

Every mum wants the gift of relaxation on their birthday

Imagine your mum tiptoeing into an exotic spa where the only sounds come from a trickling waterfall and gentle music wafting over the air waves. Well this sort of birthday gift just about ticks all the right boxes for mums and from a massage and aromatherapy treatment to a full on pampering (there are many choices…), there’s nothing that says ‘go on mum, you deserve it’ other than buying a spa treatment to enjoy on her travels.

Mum relaxing in luxurious spa during massage treatment

Birthday tours are the perfect gift for VIP mums

Out on the hill, exploring hidden caves or taking a walk on the Obudu Mountain Resort in Obudu, whatever gift you think your mum would like the best don’t hold back when it comes to setting your favourite lady on a tour. Extra special: If you really want to set a tour out for your mum on her birthday then lunch picnic and champagne never fails to hit the right spot when it comes to having fun and messing about on the hills.

Let your mum go all Willy Wonka on her next birthday

Although your mum may insist that she doesn’t want chocolates as a gift for her birthday she certainly won’t turn down the chance to go on a creative experience. Paint and sip experience,life painting, or even a pottery class are all great reasons to treat your mum to an absolute cracker of a gift for her next big day to remember.

In person painting

Treat your mum like a VIP on her birthday

If you really want your mum to feel like she’s a million dollars on her birthday then why not get her a gift that does exactly that. 5 star restaurants, champagne on-board a yacht or a balloon ride over some of the most stunning scenery, there are so many travel experiences out there to buy your mum for a her birthday that sometimes all that’s needed is a little bit of thought that can help your mum go a very long way.

Table set for a dinner

A bit of peace and quiet is what all mums want as a birthday gift

No matter how much your mum would just love a bit of unbroken peace as her birthday gift, it would be very rare to be asked for such a chance. However, if you’re able to think outside of the traditional gift box and be a little proactive in making things happen then this is a perfectly feasible option for a top best experience gift. Tours of national parks, spa and massage mornings or giving her the space to enjoy a few hours with a book in a hammock, whatever you think your mum really needs, it doesn’t take much thought to bring it all together.

A hand with the cooking is an ideal top best experience gift  for mum’s birthday

Finding a cooking class away from home is just an amazing birthday gift for mum as she’ll not only be getting a hand with the cooking but she’ll be learning a few new culinary skills that she never knew existed. Market visits, special ingredients and spending time with an expert chef is a great gift to get a mum and if you’re looking for a share of the spoils then just wait for her to come home and practise her new found skills on you and the rest of the family.

At the cooking class


As RibbonsHub have more than 10 most exciting gift experiences we’re proud to be able to offer mums one amazing birthday gift after the next with no holds barred when it comes to pampering, excitement and VIP luxuries. No matter what your nearest and dearest are into, we offer lots of experiential gifts that are designed to add an extra special dynamic to every occasion. A top best experience gift surely is the way.

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